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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 24 10:51:50 MDT 2004

(The Harry referred to below is probably the Harry G. Levine who penned 
the Village Voice attack on Nader.)

Dear Harry,
      I was expecting to encounter a political argument against an 
independent Nader campaign.  What you gave the readers was personal 
vitriol.  You completely ignored the major political issues of the day. 
  There's a war going on!  After 8 years of Clinton/Gore sanctions, 
where approx. a half million Iraquis, mostly children, died ... Bush 
invades and over 10,000 Iraqis and 700 U.S. soldiers are dead.  Kerry 
supported this war and wants more troops sent.  If Nader opposes this 
war, then frankly I don't give a damn if he has some personal animus 
against Gore, or kicks his cat at home, or enjoys porno!
    There's a war on civil liberties going on with Bush's patriot act - 
which Kerry voted for and Nader opposes.  That's what's crucial, not 
some of Ralph's personal idiosyncracies.  Those on the left who preach 
the gospel of "anyone but Bush" display a lack of vision.  They quickly 
forget that Clinton/Gore eroded New Deal social policy, gutted welfare, 
and other safety net programs. deregulated industrial, union and 
envionmental protections, and cozied up to big investors and corporate 
    Every season (17 years) cicadas come back to do their thing.  Every 
election year liberal cicadas come back to preach lesser evilism.  In 
1960, we had to support Kennedy because a President Nixon would send 
troops to VietNam, invade Cuba and ignore the Civil Rights movement.  In 
1964, we had to support LBJ because a President Goldwater would send a 
half million troops to VietNam.  In 1968, Humphrey, the most vociferous 
Democratic supporter of the war was "not as bad as Nixon".  Now we have 
Kerry, the names change, but the political game stays the same.  There 
are tens of millions of people in this country who have no medical 
insuraqnce, who are unemployed or underemployed, who are homeless or one 
to two paychecks away from homelessness.  These people need a voice, 
someone to stand up for them, someone to fight for them.  The Democrats 
won't because that means more government spending on social programs and 
big government doesn't appeal to the moderate Republicans that they are 
tryhing to win over.
    Nader, for all his political limitations, is trying to be that 
voice.  He wanted the Greens to support a real campaign, not a 
half-assed "I'll run but if it's close in the last week, I'll tell all 
those people who worked for the campaign and gave time, energy and money 
- never mind."  This is the essence of the "safe strategy."  For decades 
the left has been chasing the lesser evil, and what do we have to show 
for it?  Thbe same cicada-like percent of eligible voters don't vote. 
They understand from their life circumstances that neither Democrats or 
Republicans are fighting for them.  A left-wing alternative (Green 
Party, Labor Party) that speaks boldly and to a magnet.  We won't win 
right away, but "the journey of a thousand miles ..."
    Yours in the struggle for political independence,



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