[Marxism] Cuba's Ricardo Alarcon "Coup d'etat in Washington"?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon May 24 13:01:08 MDT 2004

Basically, if you carefully read the policies which
are spelled out in the report, the administration 
has adopted a raft of policies, and budgeted them
to the tune of $59 million dollars. None of this 
is subject to discussion or vote by the Congress.

The money is taken from existing funds which are
then moved over to the anti-Cuba activity. That,
in a nutshell, is how they are getting around the
requirement to have such policies, which have been
defeated in both houses of the congress, made into
law without a constitutional process.

I'm really swamped today and hope this makes it


I live in Canada so I'm not clear how the legislation
referred to by Alarcon violates the US Constitution.

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