[Marxism] Re:Sinn Fein chairman plans to be rid of IRA

DoC donaloc at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 03:31:51 MDT 2004

A chairde,

Have seen a few documents flying around saying that the IRA are on the
verge of being 'disbanded' and the like. Well, that's very much news to
me - perhaps the writers have better contacts than me though!

As for the quotations from Mitchel McLaughlin, its nothing new to what
SF have been saying since the peace process began - that its objective
is to take 'all the guns out of Irish politics' and that includes the
IRA but it also includes the British and Unionist paramilitaries.

The main point to make is that this spinning feeds into the traditional
British understanding of our 'British' problem. That the war was started
by the IRA and that the IRA can somehow unilaterally bring it to a
conclusion. The war was actually started by the denial of national
rights and by the inherent inequality within the partitionist northern

Sin é,

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