[Marxism] (Fri, 28 May, Sydney) Venezuelan Ambassador Speaks on 'Revolution + Society'

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Venezuelan Ambassador Speaks on 'Revolution + Society'

by CISLAC 10:52pm Tue May 25 '04 article#41777
phone: (02) 9687 5134 or 0428 190 276 for bookings
email: Sydney at cislac.org.au

Fri, 28 May, 7pm
@ Activists Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale (near Broadway)

The Venezuelan Ambassador to Australia Leonel Vivas will speak on the
latest developments in the country and the goals of the Bolivarian

In April of 2002 the right wing opposition in conjunction with big
business and the United States staged a coup against the democratically
elected leftist President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

After two days of mass protests against the coup Chavez was able to be
reinstated as President.

Since that time the Bolivarian revolution has been deepened and expanded
to all sectors of society.

The Chavez government and the majority of Venezuelan people are continuing
to hold out against right wing pressure and political and economic

Come and participate in this special public meeting with GUEST SPEAKER:

Leonel Vivas, Venezuelan Ambassador to Australia
Roberto Jorquera, Committees in Solidarity with Latin America & the
Caribbean (CISLAC)

Entry $8/$6 (includes dinner) -
For bookings ring Roberto on (02) 9687 5134 or 0428 190 276.


Read the 2 articles from the latest Green Left Weekly @
--> http://www.GreenLeft.org.au/back/2004/583/ :

VENEZUELA: The Bolivarian Revolution will not be defeated

by Leonel Vivas

Since President Hugo Chavez won five years ago a national election with an
overwhelming majority, a revolution is developing in my country â?? a very
original revolution is being made by peaceful and democratic means,
without violence, respecting human rights and with the active
participation of the Venezuelan people.


[Leonel Vivas is the ambassador to Australia of the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela. This is an abridged version of a speech he gave to the 33rd
national conference of the Resistance socialist youth organisation, held
in Melbourne on April 10-12.]


VENEZUELA: New coup plot uncovered

by Robyn Marshall, Caracas

On the morning of May 9, the government television channel announced that
55 Colombian paramilitaries had been captured by Venezuelan national
investigative police, DISIP, at a farm in Baruta, a municipality in
southeastern Caracas. Later that day another 71 Colombian paramilitaries,
who had escaped the raid, were captured.



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