[Marxism] Dave Dellinger Dies

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 25 17:46:28 MDT 2004

Pieinsky wrote:
> Comrades and Friends:  I just received the sad word that long-time peace activist and anti-imperialist fighter Dave Dellinger passed away this afternoon in a Berlin, Vermont nursing home.  He was 88.  As a member of the Chicago Eight/Seven, he was an almost mythical figure in the Movement of the Sixties.  He and his wife Elizabeth Peterson, who survives him, moved to Vermont in the early 1980s, and he remained active and involved right up close to the end.  We were lucky to have gotten to know him as common members of a Central America affinity group in the 1980s.  He was an ideological pacifist but was friendly with anybody who stood up to the System.  
> He will be missed.  Salut!

I never knew Dave personally, but I certainly had plenty of interaction 
with him as an SWP member. Back in the 1960s, the Vietnam antiwar 
movement was a kind of tripod coalition between the CP, the SWP and 
radical pacifists like Dave, who was very close to A.J. Muste who was in 
his 80s when he helped to get the movement going. Muste had become a 
religious pacifist in the 1950s, but was a leader of the Workers Party 
in the 1930s which fused with the Trotskyists to form the SWP. At the 
time I (we) was frequently annoyed with Dave over tactics for the 
antiwar movement. He was close to Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and was 
always trying to figure out ways to introduce civil disobedience into 
the mass movement. Whatever disagreements I had with Dave back then, I 
grew to appreciate people like him and Abby Hoffman after I became an 
independent radical. They were true to their vision of social change and 
had a kind of integrity that went back to pre-Marxist American political 
traditions, particularly of the Transcendntalist movement.

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