[Marxism] Dave Dellinger Dies

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Tue May 25 17:51:17 MDT 2004

And let's not forget one of the great magazines of the 1960's movements
(which he edited): LIBERATION.

steve heeren

> I never knew Dave personally, but I certainly had plenty of interaction
> with him as an SWP member. Back in the 1960s, the Vietnam antiwar
> movement was a kind of tripod coalition between the CP, the SWP and
> radical pacifists like Dave, who was very close to A.J. Muste who was in
> his 80s when he helped to get the movement going. Muste had become a
> religious pacifist in the 1950s, but was a leader of the Workers Party
> in the 1930s which fused with the Trotskyists to form the SWP. At the
> time I (we) was frequently annoyed with Dave over tactics for the
> antiwar movement. He was close to Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and was
> always trying to figure out ways to introduce civil disobedience into
> the mass movement. Whatever disagreements I had with Dave back then, I
> grew to appreciate people like him and Abby Hoffman after I became an
> independent radical. They were true to their vision of social change and
> had a kind of integrity that went back to pre-Marxist American political
> traditions, particularly of the Transcendntalist movement.
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