[Marxism] RAND Corporation: A Legacy of Dysfunction: Cuba After Fidel

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed May 26 09:12:22 MDT 2004

Washington is bogged down in Iraq, but the vultures
who operate US think tanks aren't biding their time.
They're looking at, analyzing, and continuing to see
ways for themselves to try to intervene in the Cuban
political process. Here is their own abstract from
the RAND corporation, one of the leading think tanks
which attempts to provide information for those US
policy-makers who really do things. Fascinating to
see how these people advise their own and notable as
well that they clearly see that Washington's efforts
to finance and fabricate an internal opposition to 
Cuba's revolutionary government have failed to take

Naturally, the broad range of social issues which is
discussed in this report are GENUINE challenges which
face the Cuban Revolution today. They're not on hold
until "Fidel dies", but are being addressed by Cuba's
leaders right now, to the best of its ability. This 
material is of interest as those US policy makers who
now begin to see that the blockade has failed to 
defeat the Revolution begin to consider other ways to 
try to push the same hoped-for re-neocolonization goal
which the blockade has not been able to get done.

When Fidel Castro departs, Cuba will reach a crossroads. 
A post-Castro regime that attempts to remain communist 
may find itself in a cul-de-sac where old policies and
instruments no longer work. If such a regime should falter,
a democratic-leaning replacement government is only a
remote possibility. The country will face severe and
simultaneous challenges on several fronts: an alienated
younger generation, a growing racial divide, an aging
population, and a deformed economy. Cuba's civil-society
and market actors appear to be too embryonic, and
democratic political opposition forces too decimated, for
democracy to take hold naturally. More likely the military,
arguably Cuba's most important institution, will take control.

FULL: http://www.rand.org/publications/RB/RB9041/

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