[Marxism] Hooked on Empire's Logic

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed May 26 09:39:16 MDT 2004

This sounds like a repeat of the 1968 primaries.  Campaigning almost
entirely on the war, Gene McCarthy wrecked LBJ's bid for renomination
and reelection.  Then Bobby Kennedy entered the campaign.  What the
Democratic voters wanted was statistically verifiable.  The power
structure in the party vetoed the will of those on whom it counted for
its votes, then it unleashed uniformed thugs upon those who showed up at
the convention in Chicago.

Your father, mine, you, me, legions of folks who were demographically
slated to be Democrats learned our lesson.  And it can all be put right
at the door of the Democratic Party's dishonest and treacherous
leadership.  In the interest of capital, it demoralized and dissipated
much of its voting base and it has no one to blame for its sickly
condition than itself. 

The nineteenth century had a fine expression: "dead and too dumb to fall
over."  It could have been written for the Democratic Party.

Mark L.

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