[Marxism] IRSP: African Liberation Day 2004 Statement

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Wed May 26 14:19:36 MDT 2004

25 May 2004

Solidarity Message from the International Department of the Irish
Republican Socialist Party on the Occasion of African Liberation Day

Comrades, a chairde, sisters and brothers,

For two decades now, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement has
expressed its solidarity with African people around the globe
struggling for their liberation and the liberation of the African
continent under Pan-Africanism and Scientific Socialism on African
Liberation Day. We are happy and proud to do so again this year.

We remain mindful that the working people of Ireland share with
African workers throughout the world an enemy in the form of
imperialist exploitation; an enemy in the form of neo-colonial
betrayal; a history as a colonised people, and a history as a people
engaged in continuous struggle for generations. We continue to
recognise that attempts to destroy the natural solidarity that arises
out of those commonalities through racist ideology and historical
falsification serve to demonstrate how threatening to our oppressors
it is when we join together and express our mutual solidarity.
Moreover, we continue to understand that the most sincere expression
of solidarity is a preparedness to stand shoulder to shoulder with
one another and to share resources when possible, rather than merely
spouting words and phrases.

We are living in a world where the ruling class of the capitalist and
imperialist nations believe themselves to have won a decisive victory
over the working class, which is also a world in which that class is
seeing the inherent instabilities of capitalism rising increasingly
to the surface, so that the system of exploitation stands naked and
hideous before the world. These two, mutually contradictory
circumstances have thrown capitalism into crisis mode and prompted an
increase in the degree and extent of imperialist adventures and a
renewed viciousness internally.

As a result, we have seen the French and US governments conspire to
destabilise and then overthrow the elected government of Haiti,
perhaps the most African of nations of the Western Hemisphere. On the
streets of Haiti, we saw a bloody class war initiated not by workers,
but against them by the ruling class and that class war will continue
to be waged, because the working people of Haiti cannot afford to do
otherwise. We have seen the US imperialists step up their attacks on
the Cuban people, many of whom derive from Africa and many of whom
served with honour in the liberation movements of the African
continent. We are watching even now the continued assault and
occupation being carried out by the British and US governments in
Afghanistan and Iraq and by the Zionists in Palestine. Finally, we
have seen the attempts to isolate and demonise the nation of
Zimbabwe, to thwart revolutionaries such as the AZAPO, to hinder the
African unity being championed by the leader of the Libyan
revolution. Nowhere, it seems at times, can one find peace in the
world today; nowhere can one find harmony and justice.

We in Ireland have seen the largest force in the anti-imperialist
struggle simply depart the stage, surrendering in the process the
gains made through thirty years of difficult struggle and sacrifice.
We are left with the Good Friday Agreement -- a document which
copperfastens the sectarianism that has plagued us for years,
surrenders even the vestiges of national sovereignty that we had
retained, and which does nothing to move us towards our long-sought
goal to end the partition and occupation of our nation. Those who
again took Britain at its word, when that word has long been known to
us to be completely worthless, have traded tangible means of self-
defense in exchange for the right to run for a legislature that isn't
functioning and little else. Our people, our communities, languish in
despair and dismay at the present and future that they confront now;
kids turn to self-destructive hedonism and suicide is reaching
epidemic proportions in the nationalist communities of Ireland's
occupied six counties.

Our enemy is emboldened and our own people demoralised. The
imperialists become increasingly vicious in their exploitation, while
the anti-imperialist forces have been badly shattered through ill-
fated processes of 'negotiation' in many nations. But we in the IRSP
say to you today, we cannot secure our liberation through discussion
with our oppressors. What is required is not pacts reached with our
class enemies or foreign occupiers. What is required is unity, such
as the unity that Pan-Africanism offers to Africans throughout the
world; bonds of solidarity between anti-imperialists in Africa, in
Ireland, in Palestine and Iraq. We in the IRSP express our solidarity
with you now, in celebration of African Liberation Day, because we
must keep our alliances strong in the face of this onslaught.

Together, we will win this struggle for the liberation of our nations
and our class. Together we will create justice and harmony and
lasting peace or fall in pursuit of it, because to live on our knees
is simply not an option.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!


Irish Republican Socialist Party
International Department

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