[Marxism] Two, Three, or Many Oil Wars

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed May 26 19:05:13 MDT 2004

Mike Davis appears to believe that "the curve of global oil 
production is indeed near the point of descent" and that Washington 
has a foreign policy to match it, "a US master plan for the control 
of oil in an age of diminishing supply and soaring prices," dictated 
by narrow interests of corrupt oil men . . . Contrary to Davis's 
view, it is probably the case that the glaring lack of coherent 
foreign policy-making has made Washington fight two major oil wars at 
the same time, against the interests of Washington's governing elite 
themselves if not against those of oil men . . . Add Nigeria's labor 
unrest, the growing Chinese economy's oil demands, and terrorist 
attacks in Saudi Arabia to Iraq and Venezuela, and Washington has in 
fact many oil wars on its hands. We may be closer to the hour of the 
furnaces than we know, not because Washington has any master plan, 
pace Davis, but in fact because its contradictory policy-making 
without a master plan (except the single-minded determination to 
always attack any gains made by the poor in any nation) has 
inadvertently helped to initiate more oil wars than it can handle. . 
. .

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