[Marxism] An odd affinity

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Thu May 27 01:04:10 MDT 2004

have yet to see Camille Paglia weigh weightlessly breathlessly in, but Sontag 
has spoken

Maybe it's time to get back to supplying socio-political, historical context 
to these images, rather than "interpreting" them per se as art, as image, 
document, text, propaganda, testimony, pronography,  "discourse" etc.

the affinity between Limbaugh and Zizek you juxtapose is not so odd: see Neil 
Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death for some obvious and not-so insights 
into the difference and merger of information and entertainment in what Lasch 
called this .
Culture of Narcissim.

something in the photos and something in the salacious and prurient 
publishing of them smacks of a "snuff" film.

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