[Marxism] Poets of Empire

Rachel Mendoza aka at cts.com
Fri May 28 01:40:07 MDT 2004

The San Diego Moon [http://sandiegomoon.blogspot.com] welcomes poetry
submissions [aka at cts.com] from all and anyone.

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Prisons, Zoos, & Gardens
By Kyle Sleeth
No freedom.
Ask the prison guard:
How are your men treated?
Ask the zookeeper:
How are your lions treated?
Ask the gardener:
How are your roses treated?
"They would die without me."

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Quotidian Violence
By Tracy McLellan

The wrethched contentment
The saccharine satisfaction
The sing-song the day long 
Happiness and peace

In the television commercial like
Land of the fantasy most 
Of those in the United States live
While their helicopters

Blow crater holes in the ground
In Palestine/Israel, their F-16s
Pound rock-throwers with sizzling rockets
Ten thousand innocent Iraqi civilians

Dead in revenge of the
Three thousand that died they had 
Nothing to do with on September 11

Except for the Bush administration
Lies that intimated they did.
The wretched conformity
The automaton-like pursuit 
Of the Almighty Dollar

Three billion go to bed hungry tonight
But I’m happy, snug as a bug in a rug
So happy, life so sweet, goes on and on
Life, idyll of an advertisement.

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Cycles of Apocolypse
By Rachel Mendoza

Cycles of life,

Competition is coming,

Our brave frat boys,

Brave arab boys,

Pulling pranks,
World Sport

Grease the country,
Summer 2004.

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American Savages, Desert Sand
By Kyle Sleeth

Blowing off steam
Death lurks above the heads of love
The struggle for breathe

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Herbert Marcuse Rolls Over
By Kap Fulton

Give them Internet Cafes!
Iraq will be united with civilisation!
40 humans in a box,
They shall use and serve the machine!

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