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>In just aweek's time the administration moved from concern to attack. In an
effort to avoid blame, this administration is robbing the American people of
an opportunity to explore how we have come to this point in our history.

But the images of Abu Ghraib will not go away. They have captured an
essential ugliness about American power. The face of the prison guard,
grinning astride a pile of hooded, naked men, is a macabre parody of how
much of the world sees our nation.<


I of course think The Michigan Citizen (http://www.michigancitizen.com) to be 
a wonderful newspaper that manifest the best sentiment of our abolitionists 

Lenin's world altering thesis was the distinction between oppressing and 
oppressed people and not simply exploited and exploiting classes. How American 
society has come to this point in our history is bound up with our specific 
development as an imperial multinational state. 

The conservative radio personality Rush "Slumbar" has an audience of roughly 
20 million Americans and I would say that at least 40 million Americans are 
downright imperialist in their ideology and politics. This core of reaction 
support any policy of our government and clearly understand that their material 
well being is based on the brutal exploitation and oppression of the world's 
people and the suppression of the most poverty stricken sector of the working 
class at home. 

This sector of the American population is the enemy in relative and absolute 
terms  . . . and cannot be won over to the cause of the most poverty stricken 
sectors of the working class. 

The complex of class and national factors in American history are going to be 
the bourgeoisie misfortune. What America did in the Philippines at the turn 
of the century eclipse anything done in Iraq. There is no need to recount the 
horrible treatment melted out to the African American people of the Indian. 
This treatment continues to this day in the context of a widening section of the 
Anglo American people proper, being driven into poverty as the race to the 
bottom intensifies. 

The basis of the historic bribery to the Anglo American people is being 
eroded at an accelerating pace. Bribery is relative but can be assessed in absolute 
terms on the basis of the Indian and the African American people, as they 
manifest an intractable social position in American society. 

How did American society come to this? When has the multinational state of 
the USNA ever been any different? The answer depends on the standpoint of what 
class and sector one adopts. 

Melvin P. 

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