[Marxism] NY Times critique

Joseph Callahan joeandcaroline at msn.com
Sat May 29 16:49:56 MDT 2004

I was amused by the self-critique the NY Times did of their pre-war coverage of the Bush administration's lying rhetoric.  This Bush & co. imperialist propaganda was fairly transparent and was unconvincing to the vast majority of people in the world outside the U.S.

But here the Times and the rest of the corporate media presented these U.S. govt. lies as gospel, deceiving a majority of the highly naïve U.S. public.  Now the Times says they gave too much credence to assertions by Chalabi, now that he is in disfavor with Uncle Sam, and now that the US government's lies are more exposed and their occupation faces continuing resistance from the Iraqi people.

I would add that the exposure of the pictures of torture of  Iraqi prisoners is a tremendous blow to the imperialists.  To me it is like an international equivalent of the Rodney King video, it is something that happens all the time, but that suddenly can't be dismissed when there are photos that truly speak thousands of words.

Joe Callahan 

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