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Subject: Death of Bob Mattingly
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 11:48:01 -0400
From: Alan Wald <awald at umich.edu>
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Bob was a member of the SWP at the time I arrived in Oakland/Berkeley in
July 1969, and had been a member for a number of years.  I recall him as
a thoughtful guy with a sweet temperament.

>Dear Comrades and Friends,
>Mattingly, lifelong socialist and trade union activist, who wrote under the
>name of Charles Walker, died on Thursday, May 27. Bob's articles on the U.S.
>labor movement and other subjects regularly appeared in Socialist Action
>newspaper as well as in Labor Notes, Labor Standard, Socialist Viewpoint
>and several other publications.
>There will be a memorial meeting for
>Bob on Saturday, June 12, at 1:00 pm at Chappel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont
>Avenue, Oakland, CA. Bob's wife Ethel asked me to help inform Bob's friends
>and comrades.
>Please forward this message to all those who might attend the memorial.
>meeting will open with a review of Bob's contributions to the labor and socialist
>movement. Thereafter, all are invited to present their remembrances.
>For those who can't attend, please send greetings to me at: jmackler at locrian.com
>In solidarity,
>Jeff Mackler

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