!RE: [Marxism] The ISO's "Socialist Worker" withholds support from Nader

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat May 29 22:40:12 MDT 2004

The first year or so of its existence, the ISO was a very loose
organization, perhaps in response to the Leninist predispositions of the
IS.  While it may well have been different in other places, there were
some very fine people in Chicago.  After the reigns began to tighten,
the national leadership was replaced and the older and more experienced
people tended to wander off.  

All the stupidities earlier chalked off before to youth and inexperience
became the new line, asserted ritually and humorlessly...not to persuade
or argue the case, but to wrack up points with some invisible Holy
Ghost.  Given the astronomically high proportion of sentences that began
"Lenin said..." by that point, I'd say they were less social democratic
than would-be competitors of the Sparts--kind of "politically correct"

Indeed, I'm sure that they reject Nader because they don't think he'd be
as good a candidate as Lenin's corpse. 

Mark L.

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