[Marxism] ISO

stansmith44 stansmith44 at ameritech.net
Sat May 29 22:57:56 MDT 2004

I agree with Louis Proyect when he writes, "I am at Columbia University and can attest to the singularly hard work that the ISO'ers do on campus to raise awareness about the war in Iraq, Palestinian rights, the death penalty, abortion rights, etc."

  However, Rachel Rainey wrote, in part, the ISO" have, since 
> their inception, occupied the Right wing of the "socialist" movement, primarily 
> on college campuse (like the Left generally, they are unable to attract more 
> than an insignificant fringe of the workers movement).   In the 1980s, they 
> wholeheartedly backed Lech Walesa, the Afghan mujahadeen, and Hamas.Their political godfather, the swinish Tony Cliff, was an early cheerleader for the US war against Korea, and only reluctantly came out against Johnson's war in  Vietnam."
     Since the ISO is a force on the left here in the US, it would be useful to educate ourselves on what their positions on various questions in the class struggle have been in the past. This has been done in relation to the US SWP ad nauseum on this list, so why not the ISO? Furthermore, unlike the US SWP, the ISO is an actual force in the movement, so we should know more about their past. It would be useful to know more about what Rachel raises in her email.
    I do know that the ISO has a position on the Cuban revolution that is extremely backwards, that it is capitalist. Here their views are not enlightened enough to be even called bourgeois, as the bourgeoisie has enough sense to recognize Cuba is not capitalist.

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