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DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Sun May 30 21:16:45 MDT 2004

I'd just like to weigh in & say that I agree with Brian 110% about the failure of all these "vanguards" to realize they need to participate in the Nader campaign. To me it isn't Nader himself so much as it is that his campaign is the only one with a chance to create a network of people able to work together, with the expertise you can only develop through experience. 

We need to start building a left electoral vehicle that is broad, inclusive, participatory/democratic, with a lot of transparency. The opposite of a "democratic centralist" Vanguard Formation. 

It's particularly sad that the Workers World Party insists on going its own control-freak way, since the ANSWER coalition they largely control (with input from the Habash fans) is just about the only game in town if you are into mass street protests, which I definitely am. All these new people, if interested in the election, could be doing something in the electoral arena that would build for the future. Actually I hate electoral politics. But before we can hope to see anything like a qualitative change in social conditions, we will have to master two arenas: that of the Mass Media, and that of US-style elections. 

IMHO the importance of street demonstrations lies mostly in that they provide the newly radicalized/radicalizable with a very accessible "doorway" into the Movement. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an educational process being offered to these folks that's really up to the job. 

And maybe more unfortunately, I myself am not really up to the job of thoroughly explicating the topic -- at least not in the available space-time this evening:)

Thanks again to Brian for his thoughtful comment,

Dan Elliott


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