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Sun May 30 23:16:16 MDT 2004

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From: "Nigel Irritable" <nigel_irritable at yahoo.com>
> What I question is the idea of small socialist
> organisations running for national political office,
> in the circumstances of something like Nader's run -
> where it appears to me that there are more useful and
> productive things for socialists to be doing.
> Everything is contextual. Others may differ on that
> but I would be genuinely interested in hearing an
> argument from a member of one of the socialist groups
> running a candidate in these elections as to what
> exactly they hope to realistically achieve through
> their actions.
> Brian

All right, this'll be brief: we will be using our candidates' campaigns as
an occasion for conducting socialist propaganda.

See, I told you it was going to be brief.

I hope a majority on this list do not think that we are at a stage where we
have so completely given up on socialism as a goal, that socialist parties
have to apologize for conducting socialist propaganda!!!!

The alternative seems to be to completely bury ourselves in other forces'
campaigns, asking people to vote for candidates and programs in which we
have no confidence, and in fact actively miseducating people with
non-socialist and anti-socialist propaganda as the price of admission into
some "milieu", in the hope that in some future year the "stars will be
right" and we can emerge as socialists on the day prepared for us, like
cicadas from their chrysali, or Cthulhu from the risen city of R'lyeh.  I
honestly don't see this as a viable option.  The time to recruit people to
socialism is now, not some other year.

Lou Paulsen
member, WWP

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