[Marxism] Pentagon general: "Dump neocons or we'll back Kerry"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun May 30 23:34:43 MDT 2004

At 10:50 PM 30/05/2004 -0400, Jose wrote:

>The reason the Jt. Chiefs are with Rummy is that this is how Mayer got
>his post, by agreeing with the crackpot "full spectrum dominance" and
>light forces voodoo that Rummy has imposed as the military doctrine of
>the Pentagon. What it leaves out of the military equation is *politics*,
>that war is the continuation of politics by other means. And that is
>precisely the criticism of the anti-Rummy faction, that the U.S. may win
>battles but is losing the war because it doesn't understand the war that
>it is in.

You are right here of course, Jose.  But Rumsfeld's doctine not only leaves 
out politics it also leaves out aspects of the military element.  As the 
British military experts pointed out in December, the USA did not have 
enough troops to secure the spaces between the bases.  So the guerrillas 
can communicate, re-arm and set up ambushes virtually unhindered.    They 
can also terrorise the Iraqis who are cooperating with the Occupation, only 
some of whom can hide within the Green zone.

It is estimated that the IRA had about 400 volunteers in action in Ulster 
and facing them were some 30,000 British soldiers para militaries etc. If 
that gives a ratio of something like 75 to 1 then we can see that the 
Americans will need something of the order of 500,000 troops in Iraq to 
control a guerrilla force of 7000.  they are of course facing a lot more 
than that on the ground.

Hence the despair and anger in the military.  They are losing and they know it.



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