[Marxism] Canadian elections

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Mon May 31 03:55:26 MDT 2004

What interests me is how Canada has never seen a mass social democratic
movement like Australia and New Zealand, which it closely resembles in
most other ways.
I'd point out Phil that Canada has a lot more agriculture than 
either Australia and New Zealand, industrialisation came much later. 
As well as the political influence of the 
USA, which would have influenced the thinking of those on the left and 
in the trade union mileu (but I'd obviously be pulled up by someone who 
knows more on Canadian trade Unions). While Australia and Britain to
a large extent adopted the Fabian model. Before, during and after 
World War One, Canada was doing the most to
decentralise the Brittish commonwealth. While Australia 
and New Zealand were 
clinging, even on the Labor side.
Interestingly, the New Democratic Party has only really governed by itself in one of the more
rural provinces, Saskatcherwan.
Two of my all-time favourite novels are set in Canada, in
Newfoundland, Annie Proulx's 'The Shipping News' and Wayne Johnston's
'Colony of Unrequited Dreams' (which has stuff about working class
politics and the corruption thereof)
I don't remember any labor politics in the Shipping news, but I can see your point in 
the later. I think the overriding theme of those novels is the impotent national
consciousness of Newfoundlanders. Incidentally, I have often wondered how marxists
would have dealt with the integration question in 1949. whether you would
call for integration while fighting for a socialist Canada or simply
protect the national independence of Newfoundland and Labrador.
David Murray

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