[Marxism] Nader, ISO, the Left and the Greens

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 31 09:30:29 MDT 2004

I agree with Jose that the real division on the Left is between Nader
and the ABB Kerry lot.  Some Socialist Party people are urging a vote
for their candidate on the grounds that Nader isn't radical enough to
call himself a socialist and that voting for him would just help Bush
win.  Such self-described "socialists" are worse than no good to
socialism, and are, in reality, capitalism's little helpers. 

However, I do think that there are genuine radicals who would really
like to run "a real revolutionary," or the various shades of Lenin. Much
of this list that's not there was there at some point.  These groups are
generally led by a lot largely pre-selected for their preference to lead
small isolated groups than being lesser lights in a larger
constellation.  It takes an admirable stubbornness to be in such an
organization, much less to lead it, but part of that process tends to
see isolation as principled independence.  Still, their numbers will
probably not even be noticed by many who did not for them.  Peace to

However, time and events will tell whether ISO or WWP or any other
organization is responding best to the Nader campaign.  Understanding
these things will require serious reflection, and not a predetermination
to justify one's own course.  I sincerely fear that the likelihood of
this taking place among the independent small groups is only
fractionally better than among the Kerry apologists.

Mark L.

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