[Marxism] Labor Notes Celebrates Its 25th

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Mon May 31 13:51:57 MDT 2004


The entire world should read and support Labor Notes.

Throughout its' 25-year existence, Labor Notes never once sat on the fence, it has always stood with the rank-and-file.

>From publishing the finest monthly labour activist newsletter to union workshops, conferences, solidarity actions, day-schools, and the most bad-ass collection of books on organizing including the classic "A Troublemaker's Handbook," this organization continues to be an unwavering ally and incredible resource for the working-class.

Labor Notes does not promote the passive "evil-is-bad" perspective. Instead, they advocate the more practical "what the hell are we going to do about it" perspective. And much of their material is infused with a genuine class-consciousness, a real fighting spirit that will never be found in the halls of labour bureaucracy.

It should also be noted that Labor Notes organizes the most important labour conference on the planet every two years.

Happy 25th Labor Notes & Solidarity forever!



Labor Notes Celebrates Its 25th
By Chris Kutalik, William Johnson, N. Renuka Uthappa, & Marsha Niemeijer 

Following the heady days of the mass movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Labor Notes (founded in 1979) was the product of a strategy by participants in those movements seeking to make connections with the working class. Until that point, the active left and rank- and-file union activists had been like two ships passing in the night. Labor Notes sought to bridge the gap between them, believing that such connections were essential to positive social change.

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