[Marxism] A cpl of quick Thank You's --

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Mon May 31 15:03:37 MDT 2004

One to Dr Leibowitz for his mot re Gitlin. "Any Friend of Tod Gitlin is an Enemy of Mine":)

And one to Ms O'Callaghan, for providing an excellent resource at Rote Fahne, where I was able to download many passages from Lenni Brenner's "Iron Wall" & share them. 

The last time I looked neither "Age of the Dictators" or "Jews in America Today" were available online -- at least I couldn't find them. Another item it would be good to have online would be Lee O'Brien's "American Jewish Organizations and Israel". I can't understand why this work of solid research gets so little attention. Especially with the PNAC crew calling the shots for all of us. ??

Another thing I don't understand: why no one has translated to English Abdel Wahad El-Messiri's six volume "Encyclopedia of the History of Zionism", published in Arabic by "The Institute for Islamic Studies", (of which there are several; good luck finding the right one:)

Thanks again,

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