[Marxism] The Cuban people are not trying to intimidate us in theelection

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 1 10:45:48 MST 2004

The Bay of Pigs invasion was over in 72 hours, and Cuba
was able to exchange the prisoners for baby food and 
medicines. Washington wasn't able to squeeze Cuba either
in the economic way that it can now because its trade
had been re-oriented to the USSR and its allies. After
the fall of the USSR, Cuba became substantially more
vulnerable to Washington's blockading pressures.

Under Bush Washington has taken much more aggressive 
and more extended measures to starve the island into
submission. These steps have indeed had a major effect
as Cuban-American visitation to this country has been
radically curtailed. The Bush Commission report is a
completely new chapter in the US blockade of the 
island if one takes the time to read it through. Last,
Cuba's kicking of the dollar is a reflection of the 
effects of Bush/Washington's blockade escalation.

Facts are stubborn things and it seems that some are
unable or unwilling to face the fact that Washington
has indeed escalated the blockade under Bush. But it
has, whether it is acknowledged by some or it isn't.

And as far as campaigning against Kerry on the list:

October1917 at aol.com wrote:
Kerry has made bellicose statements during his campaign
about Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, and Venezuela. He voted for the
war and he voted for the Patriot Act. Worst of all, for me,
he's stood up and bragged about his involvement in Vietnam,
where he killed people struggling for the same self
determination the Iraqis are struggling for now. Even if
only for the memory of those courageous Vietnamese he
slaughtered in the name of imperialism, I would spit in
Kerry's face.

It may be true that having something like 300,000 or
400,000 troops in Iraq would not succeed. But, clearly, if
you don't have enough troops to AT LEAST guard caches of
hundreds of tons of high explosives, you clearly don't have
enough troops. And if you didn't even REALIZE they had gone
missing, clearly your lack of basic intelligence is
catastrophic. And the most basic source of intelligence on
enemy resources and dispositions in simply the infantry.
Boots on the ground.

So IF we are going to choose on that basis, then CLEARLY,
beyond any possible ambiguity, the choice must be for Mr.
Bush. He has shown a level of incompetence and just plain
vulgar ignorance that is hard to match. He has surrounded
himself not with competent ruling-class operators but
ideologues. The evidence is overwhelming that even the
Pentagon brass and CIA spooks loathe the Bushites. That is
the breeding ground for demoralization and a breakdown in
discipline, i.e., the elimination of the U.S. army in the
field as an effective fighting force.

Walter concludes: 
"I speak for no one but myself."

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