[Marxism] "After Hitler, us" source [more]

Lou Paulsen Loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 1 18:28:50 MST 2004

It appears from quotes like this that "After Hitler, us" correctly
paraphrased the thinking of the KPD leadership:

'On October 14, 1931, Remmele, one of the three official leaders of the
Communist Party, said in the Reichstag, "Herr Bruening has put it very
plainly: once they [the fascists] are in power, then the united front of the
proletariat will be established and it will make a clean sweep of
everything. (Violent applause from the Communists.)" Bruening's scaring the
bourgeoisie and the Social Democracy with such a perspective that is
intelligible: he thus safeguards his sovereignty. Remmele's solacing the
workers with such a perspective-that is infamous: he thus prepares the way
for Hitler's domination, for this perspective in its entirety is false to
the core and bears witness to an utter misunderstanding of mass psychology
and of the dialectics of revolutionary struggle. Should the proletariat of
Germany, before whose eyes the development of events now proceeds openly,
permit fascism to come into power, i.e., should it evince a most fatal
blindness and passivity, then there are no reasons whatever for the
assumption that after the fascists are in power, this same proletariat will
shake off its passivity immediately and "make a clean sweep."' - Trotsky,
January, 1932, here: 

But the actual WORDS "Nach Hitler kommen Wir" might have been the
contribution of the Social-Democrats.  I can't find an association with
Thaelmann.  Anyone else?

Lou Paulsen

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