[Marxism] The Democratic Party civil liberties hall of fame

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Hey, what about FDR and the passage of the Smith Act? and, the internment of Japanese Americans?

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> As we go to the polls in "the most important election of our time", 
> with our civil liberties at stake in some people's view, it might be 
> worth paying tribute to some other great Democratic party leaders and 
> their record on civil liberties. 
> 1. Special award to the Democratic Party of the southern states for 100 
> years of white supremacist rule and racist state terror, with the 
> support of the Ku Klux Klan and White Citizens' Councils. 
> 2. Woodrow Wilson. Interned German and Italian immigrants. 
> Responsible for (Attorney General Palmer's) "red raids". 
> 3. Harry S. Truman. Nourished the anti-communist witch hunt by Hoover 
> and McCarthy's more effective colleague in the Senate, Pat McCarran 
> (D-NV). Smith Act prosecutions; HUAC hearings. 
> 4. Lyndon Johnson. J. Edgar Hoover given free rein. COINTELPRO. 
> Murder of Black Panther leaders and members. Spying on Rev. King and 
> Malcolm X. 
> 5. (Chicago mayor) Richard J. Daley. "Police riot" against 
> demonstrators at 1968 Democratic convention, and subsequent trial of 
> organizers. Murder of Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. 
> 6. Bill Clinton. LA 8 case (frameup of Palestinians and supporters). 
> Instituted pre-emptive arrests of demonstrators at Democratic 
> convention in Chicago, 1996, creating the model of oppression used 
> today by both parties. 
> 7. (Chicago mayor) Richard M. Daley (shared with Cook County State's 
> Attorney Dick Devine). Extraction of confessions in capital cases by 
> the use of torture. Mass arrests of anti-war demonstrators (and 
> bystanders). Civil rights activist May Molina Ortiz dies in police 
> custody. 
> 8. Senator and presidential nominee John Kerry. Voted for Patriot Act. 
> Despite the illusions of his supporters, has said not one word against 
> the frame-ups, state terror, arrests without charges, and deportations 
> aimed at the Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, South Asian, and immigrant 
> communities. Supports anti-immigrant raids. Crackdown on protest at 
> Boston convention indistinguishable from crackdown at Republican 
> convention in New York (except that there were more protestors in New 
> York). 
> Additional nominations are welcome! 
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> Lou Paulsen 
> Chicago 
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