[Marxism] The Democratic Party civil liberties hall of fame

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Tue Nov 2 10:33:15 MST 2004

 > This is a shrewd observation. If 9/11 is supposed to be a latter-day
 > version of Pearl Harbor, then George W. Bush is far more respectful of
 > constitutional rights than FDR, who is supposedly the incarnation of
 > liberal values. If Bush was more like FDR, he would have rounded up
 > Arab-Americans *as a group* and put them into concentration camps.

   That's a weak analogy.  While I don't want to defend FDR's actions, he was 
faced with a distinct threat by another country.  Japan was a powerful state.  
That is distinctly different threat compared to Al Queda.

   Plus, Bush didn't have to put Arab-Americans into concentration camps -- 
the INS prisons were enough to hold the ones rounded up. :-(

While we sit comfortably using our computers, soldiers paid for with our taxes 
are killing and torturing innocent people half a world away in order to open 
their country to US corporations and steal their oil; we have blood on our 

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