[Marxism] The ISO, "State capitalist theory", and dialectics

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In four years, between 1929-1934, Stalin enclosed the entire Soviet
peasantry, expropriated them of the means of production and forced
their bodies onto a brutal labor market.  He also extended the working
day and worked whole sections of the population to death in a few
years.  Arguably this accomplished what had taken two or three
centuries in Western Europe in four years in the USSR.  Through
state-generated famines and the suppression of small-scale armed
rebellions, the Stalinist state killed more than 10 million people. 
Russia "accomplishing" a task of the bourgeois revolution: how is that
"going socialist"?  Which side do we stand on when the workers and
peasants rise up against the "socialist states" "building socialism"
through compressing the bourgeois economic revolution into an
agonizing space of a few years?

Apropos this fact, history reveals Trotsky's prescience when he formulated 
his theory of Permanent Revolution. Socialism - the liberating kind - cannot and 
will not exist whilst capitalism exists in any form. The extreme pressure 
exerted against the Soviet Union by world imperialism resulted in the repression 
and excesses of Stalin. Consider the huge convulsions in a backward 
semi-fuedal nation of myriad nationalities and ethnicities, coming out of the First 
World War, going through a revolution, then a civil war, during which 17 nations 
intervened militarily and with an embargo on the side of the counter revolution.

The failure of the Soviet Union to become anything other than a bureacracy 
lies largely with the failure of the European proletariat to successfully come 
to its aid with revolutions in their own respective countries.

That said, before and after Stalin, the masses in the Soviet Union were much 
better off than they had been by far, or could ever be, under what had been 
before or what came to be with its collapse. As were the masses in the 
developing world with Soviet aid and the example of the Soviet Union as an inspiration.

We shouldn't make the mistake of regarding socialist revolution as anything 
other than the historical advance of the working class. Utopia it is not.

As for the theory of state-capitalism, it is nothing but a chimera put forth 
by blue-print socialists who've failed to grasp, or choose not to grasp, the 
indisputable role of objective, material conditions in the making of history. 

Marx's adage that 'men make history, but not in circumstances of their own 
choosing' has been proven by what came after he wrote it.

What we've never seen in history or in our own lifetimes is any people or 
nation progress from a revolutionary war mindset to full socialist democracy. 
This isn't the fault of those nations or peoples, rather the result of the huge 
external pressure placed on them by the capitalist bloc.


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