[Marxism] Some thoughts about the unavoidable victory of imperialist reaction in the elections

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Nov 3 01:37:31 MST 2004

Nothing has been decided by this election, except the choice of  the
dominant wing of the ruling class.  The imperialists are neither nearer
nor farther from their goal of  suppressing Iraq.  The Cuban revolution
is neither nearer or farther from being overthrown. The Venezuelan The
crisis of orientation of the Bush administration is neither nearer nor
further from being resolved. Gay rights are not nearer or further from
being decisively victorious or defeat.   The purpose of elections and
imperialist democracy is to reinforce and preserve backwardness and
undermine self-confidence and independence of the oppressed and
exploited in their own power to make change, and these have done their
We should remember how imperialist politics work.  Kerry was not
defeated because he supported the war.  That was what made him
acceptable to the bourgeoisie asw a possible alternative. In the end,
enough of the rulers feared the results of changing the president more
than the consequences of Bush's inadequacies from their point of view.
But if Kerry had been antiwar, his campaign would have sunk without a
trace like McGovern's in 1972. There was no referendum on the war
because the bourgeoisie do not allow these matters to be decided that
way.  There was no vote for the war by the masses, because they have no
say on the matter whatsoever in the framework of imperialist democracy.
We have to fight everyt trace of the idea that the function of the
working people in politics is to provide voting cattle for the liberals
rather than the conservatives in capitalist politics. That includes
opposing fulminations against white workers (or others) who voted for
the Republicans rather than the Democrats.  That is the way to keep
running in the mouse cage of imperialist democracy.   
The United States and the working class is tremendously affected and
partly shaped by the inpouring of profits from the colonial world that
shape the society and affect all layers of all classes.  They shape the
racist structure but it is a myth that these benefits only touch white
workers, and even more of a myth that they touch only those who vote
Republican.  Empty moralizing and fulmination about the white workers as
THE beneficiaries of imperialist distribution of superprofits under
class pressure is worthless politically and ultimately reactionary, in
my opinion. And limiting this denunciation to those who vote Republican
-- the others are OK -- is absurd. 
The benefits of imperialist domination do affect the white workers
disproportionately, but all classes of all nationalities are affected,
not just workers and not just workers of the dominant nationality.After
all, the reason why all the immigrants come here is to be where the
imperialist superprofits go rather than the places from which they are
taken. They need a piece of that action, and many  of them -- like the
rest of us -- do get some. If you want to reach out only to those who
are not affected to some degree by the vast wealth pouring in, you have
to live in the countries from which the wealth is coming.  Imperialist
superprofits -- along with the class struggles we have waged -- is the
reason why there is any safety net at all here, as compared to Indonesia
or the Philippines or central Africa. 
I think those who pointed out that workers of all nationalities do carry
out progressive anti-imperialist struggles today, such as the fight to
organize unions.  The importance of unions is not their small or large
numbers but the desperate need of the working class for these basic
organizations confronting the employer on the job. Nationalist
organizations, revolutionary organizations, youth organizations,
academic societies and so on cannot do this job.  The unions are small
today.  That just means that in any general rise of struggle today,
unions -- whether the ones we have now or new ones arising out of
struggle -- will grow tremendously.
The people who voted for Nader are not THE base of a future mass party
of the oppressed and exploited in this country.  Some of them may  be
won to activism along these lines.  But the major benefit of the Nader
campaign was as propaganda -- how effective is another matter -- against
the two-party imperialist trap.  The mass of  the oppressed and
exploited themselves are the basis of a real alternative which will
arise out of massive class struggles, not primarily polemics against
people who vote for the capitalist parties.
These are some of the things we should think about in the light of the
hardly surprising fact that imperialism, reaction, and backwardness won
the election, as -- in the US setup, the ideal one for imperialism --
only imperialism, reaction, and backwardness CAN  win.
Fred Feldman

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