[Marxism] Some thoughts about the unavoidable victory of imperialist reaction in the elections

Reihana Mohideen reihana_m at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 3 02:09:32 MST 2004

Here in the Philippines too we have been bombarded, day in day out with the US elections, as if to make the point that this is the be all and end all of politics. This massive media bombardment based on the most superficial analysis and meaningless trivia turned it into a type of diversion from real politics.
For me the main lesson coming out of the US elections is the need for the US left/progressives to have united around the Nadar campaign. 
One of the more astute bourgeois commentators on BBC world was worrying about how a Bush victory could make the huge number of young people, who campaigned hard and for the first time against Bush in these elections, "cynical about the political system", i.e. capitalist electoral politics. 
Now the real test for the US left and the anti-war movement is how to lead and build street politics again, drawing on any momentum towards political activism created by the elections, such as the possible "cynicism" in the system amongst young people. 
Looking forward to US politics getting back on to the streets again. 

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