[Marxism] The ISO, "State capitalist theory", and dialectics

Ilyenkova at aol.com Ilyenkova at aol.com
Wed Nov 3 08:11:45 MST 2004

The discussion on the State Capitalist theory  since the weekend has been a 
very diverse and fruitful one which puts paid my dismissal of the list as, well 
, a rather dreary forum populated by  people who've forgotten the ABCs of 
histoical materialism. Call it a case of EMail Tourette's. Apoligies to all.
I've especially benefitted from reading contributions by Lou Paulsen, 
Jurriaan, Louis , M. Junaid, Josh and others on the subject. In my original posting I 
meant to defend the ISO and commend it on its recent work. I pointed  up 
their hanging on to State Capitalism as a symptom of a lingering virus from its 
Cliffite past which the ISO will need to move beyond. That symptom will hobble 
the organization in the long run for reasons touched on by Lou Paulsen on the 
race question in the US, Jurriaan on how we view the unavoidable question of 
economies of the transition, and by Louis on organizational development or 
stagnation. Its recent history raises  hopes that the ISO can learn from its recent 
successes and stop insisting that as a condition for membership one agree 
that "China and Cuba, like the former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, have nothing 
to do with socialism. They are state capitalist regimes which oppress and 
exploit workers."  (From SW's weekly masthead, 'Where We Stand")

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