[Marxism] Bush Campaign Convinced of President´s Reelection

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 3 12:14:17 MST 2004

(This is the first English-language comment I've as
yet seen in the Cuban media. Let's now take it for
granted that this is the likely, but not 100% sure
guaranteed prospect. The Kerry campaign has not so
conceded the election and the number of uncounted 
votes in Ohio is greater than the number dividing 
the two candidates there. Hundreds of thousands of
"provisional ballots" have not as yet been counted.
This is 250,000 as of the moment. According to Amy
Goodman on Democracy NOW! Bush received a definite
majority of four million in the popular vote, and 
so we'll continue following the story from here.) 

Bush Campaign Convinced of President´s Reelection

Washington, Nov 3 (Prensa Latina) White House Chief of
Staff Andrew Card said early Wednesday that President
George W. Bush has won re-election, according to CNN.

George W. Bush and John Kerry are waiting for presidential
election projections in just three states, but Bush Chief
of Staff Andy Card told supporters of the Republican
campaign he is convinced the president has won re-election.

Republicans are projected to retain control of the House
and Senate, adding to their majorities in both chambers
with strong showings in Southern states.

Ohio is too close to call, and results also are delayed in
Iowa and New Mexico. Democratic vice presidential candidate
John Edwards said, "We´ve waited four years for this
victory. We can wait one more night."

Bush is expected to have won 28 states, with 254 electoral
votes, and a win in Ohio would assure him of at least 274
votes, more than the 270 he needs for a majority Electoral

Bush would become the 12th of the 17 incumbent presidents
who have sought re-election since 1900 to win a second

But the John Kerry Campaign has refused to concede defeat,
insisting that 250,000 provisional and absentee ballots
cast in the Buckeye State might change the outcome.

The US and the world will know the final results after 11
days of the election. Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
said that by law provisional and absentee ballots will not
be counted until 11 days after the election.


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