[Marxism] Bush Victory

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Wed Nov 3 09:52:21 MST 2004

The most astounding thing for me observing this election is the how so many 
US workers have voted against their own interests in re-electing Bush. Kerry, 
of course, is also an imperialist and a pro-business candidate in truth, but 
the perception of him compared to Bush in the nation and the world at large is 
that he was sympathetic to the economic needs of workers and those lower down 
the economic ladder. 

Patriotism and nationalism have always been powerful entities against which 
socialists and those striving to spread class consciousness have had to 
counter. The hight turnout for this election has rendered redundant the traditional 
fall back position of progressives that most people are disillusioned with the 
choices on offer and by not voting make their own political statement one of 

The entire mid and southern states, the least affluent parts of the nation, 
have gone for Bush, a pro-war, conservative, extreme nationalist candidate. His 
promotion of religious ideology, of US aggression around the world, along 
with his success in presenting himself as your average, every day, good 'ole boy, 
has obviously struck a chord with the workers, most of whom do not even know 
that they are workers.

The lack of an effective, coherent and focused left has undoubtedly 
contributed to the steady and inexorable move to the extreme right by workers. This 
could be traced back to the rise of the New Left in the 60's and 70's, which 
disengaged from the working class and now exists apart and isolated from oppressed 
communities to lapse into third worldism and substitutionism.

So, yes, workers, the poor and, most astounding of all, minorities, have been 
co-opted into the myth of the American Dream, into the false comforts and 
solidarity provided by patriotism and 'great nation chauvinism' in a process 
began long before Bush but which has now reached its zenith.

Hopefully, the intital demoralisation and disillusionment suffered by those 
progressives who mistakenly put all their energies into these bourgeois 
elections, will soon give way to a redoubling of efforts to build a mass movement. 
Now more than ever the continuance and success of initiatives such as the MWM 
are vital, which is where leftists should focus their efforts. 

The demise of Ralph Nader proves the futility of trying to fight the 
establishment on their terms. Of course he would be shut out of the process, of course 
he would be marginalised, and of course the ruling class are not about to 
allow any candidate who even hints at reform of their hegemony to enter the 

As of now, we must look to the Iraqi, Venezuelan, Palestinian and Cuban 
people to continue resisting global US hegemony. 

Meanwhile, in the US, the electorate have just rubber stamped a full scale 
assault on Falluja. 


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