[Marxism] It's the stupidity, stupid

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Nov 3 20:24:14 MST 2004

The provincialism and stupefication -- a process, not needless to say
something people are born with -- of so many people in the U.S. is
extensive.  I'm thinking of two examples from the last couple of days:  (1)
A Web report from somebody standing in a long line to vote who used her
passport as the required ID.  The person checking ID's said: "What's that?"
The election official had never seen a passport before, much less had one
herself!  I forget the statistics but the percentage of Americans who have
travelled to other countries (aside from being in the military) and thus
needed a passport is very low.  Here in Vermont, you run into country people
who have never left the state, which is a pocket-sized state that takes
about two hours tops to drive across east to west and maybe three north to
south, much less gone to a foreign country (even with Canada parked right
next door) or even to Burlington, the biggest city of 40,000 only.  They are
afraid of Burlington as much as going to the sinful New York City, which is
totally off the map.  (2) A friend reported a pre-election conversation with
a co-worker who was a born-again Christian.  She proclaimed that her
minister had told her that should Kerry be elected they wouldn't be able to
practice their religion as they see fit.  (The Village Voice has an article
explaining this rumor that has been making the rounds of the fundi
churches.)  Did she really believe that?  Of course, she believed everything
that the minister told her because -- you guys all know the answer already,
I'm sure -- God spoke to him.

What we do with this kind of thing, I don't know.  Give them passports and
send them all off to Fallujah for a learning experience?  I don't feel so
bad about Kerry going down.  Afterall, we know where he was coming from
class-wise.  What I do find upsetting is that so many of my fellow Americans
saw the stupid, sneering face of Bush as someone in their own likeness.
It's an ugly mirror.


P.S. The state election results in Vermont weren't too bad.  The Dems now
control both houses of the legislature by wide margins, and more
Progressives were elected.  Now let's see if they can put up or shut up with
some truly universal health care insurance.

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