[Marxism] Why workers voted "against their interests", and a comment on gay marriage

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 00:25:21 MST 2004

Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

"Maybe it would be productive to reconsider the concept of 'false
consciousness' as it is usually applied to these situations.

Perhaps there _exists_ some common interest between the imperialist
bourgeoisies and the exploited classes in the imperialist countries."

I don't think this is worth considering.  If you adopt this theory you
join in one way the tradition of Western imperialism, which has always
told "the people" that foreign loot and conquest would solve social
problems at home.  Has it ever?  Has life ever ceased being hell for
American workers, besides a small minority, the "labor aristocracy"? 
Does the historical balance sheet tell us that after millions of
deaths of American working class kids, in far off places like Korea,
Vietnam, Europe and Iraq imperialism has benefited American workers? 
I wish it was needless to say, but *exploited people in the United
States have more in common with exploited people in Iraq than they do
with the U.S. ruling class and its government.*  Let's go out and
popularize this slogan and tell workers in the U.S. the truth -
imperialism is their most dangerous enemy.

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