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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 4 07:10:20 MST 2004

Regarding Stupidity:

People in the United States of America are NOT stupid.
On average they are very average. They are pretty
ignorant, but probably not more ignorant than peole in
other countries. These two propositions are true
across all social classes in the United States.

So why have these people consistently elected
reactionary slime for more than 200 years?

Let's face it. Most people know what side their bread
is buttered on. They are not stupid.

Sixty per cent - more or less, of the legally eligible
voters int he United States voted. And more than 95%
of them voted for imperialism. Kerry or Bush.

Why? Because they think that imperialism is good for
them. And for many, many of them - they are right. We
can assume that the 40% who do not vote think that US
society is fucked, but voting for tweedle dee or
tweedle dum or that guy Ralph won't change things much
- but who really knows how that 40% really thinks
except that they think voting isn't worth it.

How can these facts be changed? Part of it has to
happen outside of the USA. Imperialism needs to lose.

Part of it has to happen in the USA. The deluded part
of the 60% who vote needs to learn their mistake. The
apathetic part of the 40% which doesn't vote needs to
become involved.

How do we do that? We haven't figured it out yet - but
that is our basic job.

All the best, Anthony


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