[Marxism] Kerry's Concession Speech: "succeed in Iraq and win the war on terror"

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Nov 4 09:45:58 MST 2004

The Kerry concession speech was composed over a 5-hour period.* It was  
notable for only one specific for his supporters regarding the future  
of the Democratic Party.

Number one on Kerry's list for his supporters is winning the war in  
Iraq and to work with the Bush team to ensure this. Then two  
meaningless sentences separate and help distinguish the war from the  
usual puffery.

We are required now to work together for the good of our country.

I know this is a difficult time for my supporters, but I ask them, all  
of you, to join me in doing that. Now, more than ever, with our  
soldiers in harm's way, we must stand together and succeed in Iraq and  
win the war on terror.

I will also do everything in my power to ensure that my party, a proud  
Democratic Party, stands true to our best hopes and ideals.

I believe that what we started in this campaign will not end here.

Our fight goes on to put America back to work and to make our economy a  
great engine of job growth.

Our fight goes on to make affordable health care an accessible right  
for all Americans, not privilege.

Our fight goes on to protect the environment, to achieve equality, to  
push the frontiers of science and discovery and to restore America's  
reputation in the world.


from Brian Shannon

*When Mr. Shrum and Mr. Kerry's traveling speechwriter, Josh  
Gottheimer, arrived at Louisburg Square around 9 a.m., Mr. Kerry had  
already scratched out some of a speech on legal pads. Five hours later  
at Faneuil Hall,..." -- NYT Times 11/4/03

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