[Marxism] Forwarded from Anthony #2

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Nov 4 11:43:45 MST 2004

On Thursday 04 November 2004 13:15, Anthony wrote:

> All legal resident aliens, all undocumented workers,
> and many who have been convicted of felonies. The
> majority of the disenfranchised are black, Latino, and
> Asian. There are millions, of these people - possibly
> as many as 20 million.
> In a democracy they should have the right to vote.

dumb question: do other countries allow these same groups to vote?

> Even honest ABBers - if such animals exist - could be
> convinced of this program. Add to it an antiwar plank,
> and ...
> Not too sexy?

i'm still busy providing psychotherapy to my ABB friends. hell one of my old 
girlfriends will barely talk to me now (little bit exxagerating) cuz i 
wouldnt vote for Kerry. yesterday the first thing she said to me was 
"satisfied now????". 

the ABB'ers need a little vacation or something before we add to their ummmm 

les schaffer

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