[Marxism] Electoral hibernation ends

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> Octob1917 at aol.com wrote:
> > Well...I admit the way I used the term fitness classes, it sounds as if
> > advocating a Jane Fonda type regimen towards the revolution. That's not
what I
> > meant. I meant youth activites. One of the comrades at the IAC office in
> > has arranged with a community group in S. Central to hold half hour
> > classes followed by half hour political forums for young people.
> Is this the outfit that the Becker brothers launched? The Party for
> Socialism and Liberationism or whatever they call it? I don't know quite
> how to put this, but they would be better off studying Lenin in context
> and trying to conscientiously apply those lessons rather than running
> jujitsu classes. The USA is littered with the wreckage of 500
> self-declared vanguard parties over the past 35 years. Rather than
> running around like hummingbirds on benzedrine, the left would be better
> advised to come to terms with how genuine revolutionary parties are
> formed. The answer is the history of the July 26th Movement or the
> Bolshevik Party, not sectarian formations.
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