[Marxism] Who to blame? The answer has arrived.

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 4 12:54:58 MST 2004

The people???  Who are the people of the UNited States??  If ever there was 
an "imagined community" it applies to the idea of an American identity. 
There are clearly very strong roots of racism, imperialism, and 
self-righteous jingoism that spectrally inhabit and speak in ghostly  voices 
to many.  There are other voices at work as well. Thgey seem to be 
regionally distributed as are all cultures.   The USA could easily  divide 
itself into three countries: the Pacific West, the South and Midswest,  and 
the Northeast.  Ask yourself: which would more resemble a dependent third 
world country after a generation?   Which would be the most progressive, 
best places to live and work??  The answer seems self-evident.

What has happened?  For one thing, the American Left lost its own center and 
became an umbrella  for any movement that challenged the prevailing 
political, social and cultural orderS without establishing a clear priority 
among them and recognizing that, in terms of a long term social strategy, 
some areas should be left alone:  GENDER POLITICS in particular.  It is not 
a question of whether one stands for or against an individual's rights in 
this area -- including a plank on issues of gender identity contributes not 
one whit to the construction of socialist programs and an eventual socialist 
society.  We have to see in this morass also the grave mistakes of the 
neo-Marxist direction.  Amputation is necessary when a patient is in danger 
of dying of the gangrenous infection.

The American people at its best is a union of many voices and traditions but 
the truth is that some of those voices and traditions are reactionary.  The 
unabashed defenders of corporate capitalism have known how to exploit those 
voices.  It has nothing to do with any imagined construct vaguely indicated 
with the name: the people.  At best one can say: a majority of deluded 
Americans have made a grave mistake in voting the Bush regime back into 
power and provide an empirical test of their delusion: belief in the link 
between Al Qaeda and Iraq,  a greater % believing in the immaculate 
conception than believe the theory of evolution, etc., etc,. etc.

While the left has not shown itself particularly apt at dispelling 
delusions, it might well improve its own health if it developed a coherent 
platform that recognizes that some stages of human liberation must precede 
others, a very Marxist thought indeed.

Paul H. Dilon

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> The answer to who the Democratic Party will  blame this time has
> arrived, and we should have known:
> Michael Moore.
> Of course, Michael Moore.
> They would have won if only they had supported Bush much more. Of
> course. That's always the key to victory.  If they had been
> indistinguishable from Bush, some Red State people might have voted for
> them by mistake.  It could have made all the difference.
> The "left" is considering a different answer.  The problem is the
> people.  Sure Kerry was not good, but it turned out the masses were not
> good enough even for Kerry.
> They voted for the Monster when they could have voted for the Munster.
> As Brecht commented (privately) after the East German uprising, the
> solution is to abolish the people and elect a new one.
> Fred Feldman
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