[Marxism] Too damned colonialist for words

Starword starword at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 5 06:08:09 MST 2004

This whole discussion, by (so far) white leftists, among ourselves, with not
a Black voice to be heard, of the Panthers, and how "ultraleft" they were,
or were not, and how much to blame they were, or were not, for being
murdered by the racist pig state, and how much or little respect they got in
the Black community, and so on, just strikes me as too damned colonialist
for words.  I feel that by even sitting in the room debating the question, I
am reduced to the level of a bunch of upper-class Brits in the days of the
Raj sitting around the fireplace in big overstuffed armchairs smoking big
foul cigars and drinking whiskey and talking about the "natives".    Or
white anthropologists picking over the bones of Native Americans.  Or
something equally horrible.  We are the oppressor nation constructing and
casting judgment on the oppressed nation, in their absence, without their
participation.  Participating in this kind of discussion AT ALL is just not
compatible with my own conception of what a white revolutionary in the
racist cesspool called the USA ought to be doing.


















Lou Paulsen

Member, Workers World Party


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