[Marxism] Why Argentina became poor

Lou Paulsen loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 5 09:03:01 MST 2004

When I saw that this article was on americanheritage.com, I said, "Is
that the same thing that used to be a hardcover magazine about U.S.
history with color pictures that school libraries used to subscribe to
and I used to read?"  I go to the website and find that it is now "an
affiliate of Forbes Inc."!

> didn’t even exist. How, in a historical eye-blink, did a wilderness 
> lightly populated with mostly hunter-gatherers 

God, the idiocy starts early.  The man is unaware of the existence of
agriculture in pre-conquest North America.  This passes for scholarship
these days.

One of the drawbacks of the internet is that you don't have the
satisfaction of throwing the magazine in the trash can.

Lou Paulsen

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