[Marxism] Too damned colonialist for words

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Fri Nov 5 11:00:10 MST 2004

In a message dated 11/5/2004 9:46:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, lnp3 at panix.com 
Joe, you'd better get off this tack of street credibility. Nobody knows 
who you are or what you do or where you live or where you came from for 
sure. You have never provided us with your real name, but show up first 
as "Scotlive" and now "October1917". Frankly, this is not the kind of 
intervention we welcome here, for whatever reason you adopt it. We try 
to encourage people to use a first and last name, even if it is not 
their real name.

Louis, you keep mentioning the fact that I've been on this list under two 
different 'handles.' Given you've just stated that it doesn't matter who you are 
or where you're from, what does it matter what name I post under? 

I am not from this country, which makes me slightly more vulnerable than 
people who are. Doesn't it then follow that I may be a little careful about 
posting names and details on a public forum?

My problem is with people heaping attacks on movements rooted in oppressed 
communities because they fail to appear to 'ordinary black people,' whatever 
that means. 

Again, and in line with Lou, unless you've been a member of an oppressed 
communiyt - ie: a black from harlem or South Central, a Palestinian in the West 
Bank, or a Catholic in the occupied Six Counties, it is the height of 
paternalism to criticise from the safety of a comfort inside white skin or a university 
campus. Why not trying listening to people from oppressed communities, rather 
than holding a position that they should listen to you? 

Street credibility has nothing to do with this. Credibility, however, comes 
with this ability to listen, learn and understand, rather than lecture from 
within the hallowed halls of a university campus.


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