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Fri Nov 5 12:38:43 MST 2004

Dear Comrades,
     A Quote from Hal Draper's "The Two Souls of Socialism".
     " The fact is that the choice between Socialism-from-Above and 
Socialism-from-Below is, for the intellectual, basically a moral choice, whereas for 
the working masses who have no social alternative it is a matter of necessity. 
The intellectual may have the option of "joining the Establishment" where the 
worker does not; the same option holds for the labor leaders, who as they rise 
out of their class, likewise confront a choice that did not exist before. The 
pressure for bourgeoisification, is stronger in proportion as personal and 
organizational ties with the ranks below become weak. It is not hard for 
intellectual or bureaucratized official to convince himself that permeation of and 
adaption to the existing power is the smart way to do it, when (as it happens) it 
also permits sharing in the perquistes of influence and affluence.
   It is an ironic fact, therefore, that the "Iron Law of Oligarchy" is 
ironclad mainly for the intellectual elements from whom it arises. As a social 
stratum(i.e., apart from exceptional individuals) intellectuals have never been 
known to rise against established power in anything like the way that the modern 
working class has done time and again through its relatively brief history. 
Functioning typically as the ideological flunkies of the established rulers of 
society, the brain-worker sector of the non-propertied middle classes is yet, 
at the same time, moved to discontent and disgruntlement by the relationship. 
Like many another servant, this Admirable Crichton thinks, "I am a better man 
than my master, and if things were different we would see who should bend the 
knee." More than ever in our day, when the credit of the capitalist system is 
disintegrating throughout the world, he easily dreams of a form of society in 
which he can come into his own, in which the Brain and not Hands or Moneybags 
would dictate; in which he and his similars would be released from the 
pressure of Property through the elimination of capitalism, and released from the 
pressure of the more numerous masses through the elimination of democracy."

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