[Marxism] The NY Times, post-election, right on cue

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Nov 5 12:44:42 MST 2004

G.I.'s Itch to Prove Their Mettle in Falluja


NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq, Nov. 5 - The marines crept forward, glancing warily at 
each other as they approached a bomb-scarred building covered with Arabic 
lettering. Suddenly, one of them shouted "Sniper!" and another dropped to the 
ground as if wounded.

But instead of firing back, the men raised their guns and trilled their 
tongues to imitate the sound of machine-gun fire. Within a few seconds, one 
of them called out "Sniper neutralized!" and they lowered their weapons.

[ http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/05/international/middleeast/05cnd-falluja.html ] 

les schaffer

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