[Marxism] Re: Too damned colonialist for words

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Fri Nov 5 20:07:28 MST 2004

When you live at the end of the earth, you sometimes log on and discover
a discussion has gone so far overnight (our times) that it's hard to
rejoin it. But I do want to say something about this from Lou Paulsen
which seems to touch on the general quality of the debate:

>>And after we meet our "responsibility" to pass judgment on all the
African-American freedom fighters, I suppose it is our "responsibility"
go on and judge all the Puerto Rican, Irish, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan,
South African freedom fighters, and those from the rest of the colonies

I respect Lou's position, and in some ways it echoes my disquiet with
some comrades' eagerness to dump on the Workers' Communist Party of Iraq
(I wonder see how well the average lister would cope if transported to
Sadr City.)  But the thing about the Panthers is that they were a major
part of the 1960s American left experience for everyone, including most
white radicals. Some of us just went around talking nonsense about
"offing" the enemy and saying "up against the wall". Others tried to
emulate the Panthers in more substantial and self-destructive ways. And
when the Panthers were smashed up, what lessons did we learn? We do have
a responsibility to learn lessons.

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