[Marxism] Surveying the Red Sea

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Fri Nov 5 20:09:58 MST 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 22:48, Lou Paulsen wrote:
> (The "Red Sea" in the subject line refers to the areas of the United
> States between Virginia and Nevada where right-wing ideology is
> apparently especially strong.  However, at some point we should try to
> reclaim the color red for ourselves, or support Native American
> initiatives to do so.  The red flag is our flag!  "Red Power" is not
> Republican rule!  Actually, with reference to the Russian Civil War I
> might call it the "White Sea" .)

Interesting insights, Lou. I once had a discussion with the president of
a machinist's local in a small town in Kentucky. This city is located in
a rural area where getting a job in a unionized railroad shop makes you
king of the hill.

We were talking about contract negotiations. At one point he told me
that he would be ridiculed by the people of the community if his local
were to picket the railroad complaining about wages or anything else for
that matter.

Having said that, I have heard plenty of stories about battles with
management in these southern shops equal to anything I have seen or
heard of up north.

I think that a lot of this red state/blue state stuff flows from the
fact of the electoral college. It is doing its work of division and
obstruction of the popular will quite well. We should be wary of jumping
on the liberal bandwagon of writing off most of the country
geographically at least, because these states voted for Bush.

If labor had half a brain about the question of  elections, getting rid
of the electoral college would be a prime issue. Imagine the Dems and
Reps having to campaign for votes in the big urban areas, instead of
taking them for granted.

 I won't hold my breath though. Its a lot easier to draw maps of the
United States of Canada and Jesusland.

Jon Flanders

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