[Marxism] adios marxmail

Lou Paulsen Loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 6 05:56:39 MST 2004

Saxe, on his way out the door, declared:

"I'm leaving the list for the time being and probably for good, the
most immediate (but not most significant) reason being Lou Paulsen's
demagogic epithets that I'm a racist, and implicitly, a fascist. .."

Well, to set the record straight about my "demagogic epithets", I will
reproduce here, in its entirety, the e-mail that I sent Saxe off list, 12
hours ago, in an attempt to respond sincerely to his complaints:


In fact, I didn't call you a racist.  What I said and meant is that you are
using the same argument that racists use and with the same emotional
reaction that workers who have been infected by racism have.  I don't hang
out with you and can't judge of my own experience whether you are a racist
or not.  But being a racist or not is not just an individual thing.  This is
a racist society.  People reproduce what they learn from the society they
are in.  Does it really seem normal to you that, when some people write
about the Panthers and use words like "oppressed nation", all of a sudden
all sorts of emotional images come into your mind about whites "drooling
over" Blacks and going around in a weird guilty haze and insincerely
flattering Black people and so on?  You say that it wasn't directed to me,
but who talked about stuff like that?   You say it was a reaction to some
"vibe" in the discussion!  At the very least, before you pull out offensive
images like "drooling over Blacks", you would do better to have something
more concrete to refer to than a "vibe" that you have perceived.  

As far as I can see, you are responding to some weird image in your own
head, where if someone is concerned about the national question it means he
or she is some kind of disturbed neurotic who has to be put in his place.
Your reaction follows, POINT FOR POINT, the reaction of the racist
right-wing to any kind of anti-racist practical measure - affirmative
action, say: he must be neurotic, he's flattering and condescending, he
doesn't want Black people to stand on their own feet.  That's the
Libertarian line, and on the basis of present evidence it's where you're
going to end up unless you engage in some self-critical thought.


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