[Marxism] Black Nationalism / BPP / etc.

Art McGee amcgee at angryblackman.org
Sat Nov 6 17:56:38 MST 2004

> Second, I really do have a problem with white people 
> sitting around and discussing whether Blacks are a nation 
> or not with little-to-no Black participation. To me, this 
> seems a contradiction of even the most basic concepts of 
> self-determination.

Don't let it worry you Adam. Nothing that happens amongst 
white Marxists matters anymore to Black people. I can tell 
you that at the same time the inanity of this conversation 
is happening, Black radicals and marxists in other virtual 
spaces are having much more interesting conversations, and 
could care less about what happens here. They are wholly and 
completely irrelevent unless they are also keen anti-racists 
and anti-imperialists, which none of the demonic sectarian 
nutjobs who denigrate Black nationalism are. Shit, even 
Howard Zinn got bitch slapped over something stupid and 
inane he wrote the other day, so you know we don't play.

God bless you for caring, and let us hope that we meet at 
the crossroads of revolution someday.

A luta continua.


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